Your Guinness pint glasses are wonderful, but here are a few more ways show off your Irish pride this St. Patrick's Day.

1. Start with the front door
According to Irish tradition, a bright-red front door wards off bad luck and evil spirits. While we don't know whether it also works for repelling junk mail and unwanted telephone books, it will definitely help the delivery guy find your house.

2. Wool throws and blankets
Blankets woven from Irish lambswool, merino and mohair are a classic way to add color to a living room or bedroom.

3. Claddagh, of course
The Irish Claddagh symbol, two hands holding a heart, is often seen on jewelry, but it can also be incorporated into all sorts of home décor items, such as candle holders and picture frames.

4. Shortbread pans
Pans made especially for shortbread, with designs molded into the ceramic that stamps each cookie with a Celtic knot or, yes, shamrocks, can make unique decorations for the kitchen wall.

5. Waterford crystal
Artisans have been hand blowing and cutting fine pieces of crystal in the Irish city of Waterford for centuries. While you might not have the room (or budget) for an entire set of crystal barware, a single vase or paperweight can be a glittery addition to your décor.

6. Irish linen
White linen napkins, tablecloths and pillowcases spun or woven from flax, especially those with the official Irish Linen Guild logo, are classy ways to add a bit of Ireland to your home. After all, that's what was in the dining rooms of the Titanic.

7. Irish lace
Intricate Irish lace curtains can frame your view of the neighborhood with needlework rich in history. And at first glimpse, they'll tell guests in-the-know about your connection to the Emerald Isle.

Looking for an HOA that will allow you to paint your front door red? The right agent can direct you to the neighborhood that's right for you: